Brief Historical Background

On December 22, 1951, the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI) was organized in Manila by nineteen (19) professionals from the government, the business community and the academe who were interested in the production of goods statistics. These 19 professionals became the founding members, some of whom became the first officers of the association:
Mr. William I. Abraham
Dr. Manuel Ma. Aycardo - 2nd Vice-President
Mr. Inocente Campos
Dr. Amando Dalisay
Dr. Meredith B. Givens
Dr. Leon Ma. Gonzales - Board of Director
Dr. Manuel O. Hizon - Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Trinidad J. Jaramillo - Board of Director
Dr. Horacio C. Lava
Mr. Benito Legarda, Jr.
Prof. Cesar M. Lorenzo- President
Mr. Vicente Mills - Board of Director
Mr. Damaceno Ramos
Mr. Rosendo Regalado - Board of Director
Mr. Federico Roa
Mr. Ceferino Santiago
Mr. Exequiel S. Sevilla – 1st Vice- President
Dr. Enrique T. Virata - Board of Director
Mr. Angel Q. Yoingco.
The first meeting of the Officers and Board of Directors was held on December 29, 1951 at the residence of the PSAI President Cesar M. Lorenzo where a resolution was passed announcing the organization of the PSAI, its objectives as well as invitations for membership in the Association.
The first Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the PSAI were formulated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 24, 1952.
Through the years since its approval, the By-Laws had been amended several times. The PSAI, as a professional association, has consistently played a significant role in drawing key policies that influence the growth and development of the Philippine Statistical System.
PSAI PRESIDENTS (From 1952 to Present)
Cesar M. Lorenzo (1952-1955, 1961-1963, 1970-1972)
Enrique T. Virata (1956)
Exequiel S. Sevilla (1957)
Manuel O. Hizon (1958-1959)
Bernardino G. Bantegui (1960 Jan.-Aug.)
Bernardino A. Perez (1960 Sept.-Dec.)
Domingo C. Alonzo (1964)
Tito A. Mijares (1965, 1974-1975, 1976)
Cristina P. Parel (1966, 1969)
Burton T. Oñate (1967)
Paz B. Culabutan (1968)
Marcelo M. Orense (1973)
Pablo Q. Samson (1977)
Angeles R. Buenaventura (1978)
Edgardo P. Zialcita (1979, 1980)
Elpidio D. Makanas (1981)
Aida R. Saldua (1982)
Angel Q. Yoingco (1983-1984)
Vicente B. Valdepeñas, Jr. (1985-1986)
Isidoro P. David (1987)
Tomas P. Africa (1988-1989)
Romulo A. Virola (1990-1991)
Mercedes B. Suleik (1992)
Nelia R. Marquez (1993-1995)
Margarita F. Guerrero (1996-1997)
Romeo S. Recide (1998)
Ana Maria L. Tabunda (1999-2000)
Carmelita N. Ericta (2001-2002)
Romeo S. Recide (2003)
Jose Ramon G. Albert (2004 - 2005)
Isidoro P. David (2006-2007)
Nieves L. Osorio (2008-2009) 
Vicente B. Valdepeñas, Jr. (2010-2011)
Nieves L. Osorio (2012-2013)
Jose Ramon G. Albert (2014-2015)
Dennis S. Mapa (2016-2017)

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