The Philippine Statistician

Another important activity of the PSAI is the publication of The Philippine Statistician (TPS), which is a refereed scientific journal published twice a year. The TPS aims to disseminate a wide range of papers of technical, theoretical, and applied statistical nature considered of general or special interest to varied groups of statisticians.

Historical List of TPS Papers

Title Author Year Number Volume Download
Economic Mobility in Urban Southeast Asia: The Case of the Philippines and Indonesia Novee Lor Leyso, Arturo Martinez Jr., and Iva Sebastian 2017 2 66
Understanding the Ideal Number of Children and Contraceptive Practices of Filipino Women through Generalized Linear Models Isabella Benabaye, Patricia Rose Donato and John D. Eustaquio 2017 2 66
Measles Outbreak Detection in Metro Manila: Comparisons between ARIMA and INAR Models Joshua Mari J. Paman, Frank Niccolo M. Santiago, Vio Jianu C. Mojica, Frumencio F. Co, and Robert Neil F. Leong 2017 2 66
Modeling Rare Events using a Zero-Inflated Poisson (ZIP) Distribution: Some New Results on Point Estimation Suntaree Unhapipat, Nabendu Pal and Montip Tiensuwan 2017 2 66
Zero-Truncated New Quasi Poisson-Lindley Distribution and its Applications Rama Shanker and Kamlesh Kumar Shukla 2017 2 66
Regression and Variable Selection via A Layered Elastic Net Michael Van B. Supranes and Joseph Ryan G. Lansangan 2017 2 66
Asymptotic Decorrelation of Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform of Generalized Long-memory Stochastic Volatility Alex C. Gonzaga 2017 2 66
Survival Analysis for Weaning Time of the Palestinian Children Ali H. Abuzaid and Raida F. Zaqout 2017 1 66 PDF icon Full Text
Spatial-Temporal Models and Computational Statistics Methods: A Survey Erniel B. Barrios and Kevin Carl P. Santos 2017 1 66 PDF icon Full Text
Modeling Iloilo River Water Quality Michelle B. Besana and Philip Ian P. Padilla 2017 1 66 PDF icon Full Text