The Philippine Statistician

Another important activity of the PSAI is the publication of The Philippine Statistician (TPS), which is a refereed scientific journal published twice a year. The TPS aims to disseminate a wide range of papers of technical, theoretical, and applied statistical nature considered of general or special interest to varied groups of statisticians.

Historical List of TPS Papers

Title Author Year Number Volume Download
Predicting Socioeconomic Classification in the Philippines: Beyond the Ordinal Logistic Regression Model Michael Daniel C. Lucagbo 2015 1 64 PDF icon Full Text
Forecasting Time-Varying Correlation using the DCC Model John D. Eustaquio, Dennis S. Mapa, Miguel C. Mindanao, and Niño I. Paz 2015 1 64 PDF icon Full Text
Comparison of Tree-based Methods in Identifying Factors Influencing Credit Card Ownership and Prediction Accuracy Karl Anton M. Retumban 2015 1 64 PDF icon Full Text
Classification and Prediction of Suicidal Tendencies of the Youth in the Philippines: An Empirical Study Stephen Jun Villejo 2015 1 64 PDF icon Full Text
The Link between Expenditure on Contraceptives and Number of Young Dependents in the Philippines Michael Daniel C. Lucagbo, Genica Peye C. Alcaraz, Kristina Norma B. Cobrador, Elaine Japitana, and Gelli Anne Q. Sadsad 2014 2 63 PDF icon Full Text
Modelling Clustered Survival Data with Cured Fraction Angela D. Nalica and Iris Ivy M. Gauran 2014 2 64 PDF icon Full Text
Determinants of Regional Minimum Wages in the Philippines Lisa Grace S. Bersales and Michael Daniel C. Lucagbo 2014 2 64 PDF icon Full Text
Determinants of Income Class in Philippine Households: Evidence from the Family Income and Expenditure Survey 2009 Stephen Jun Villejo, Mark Tristan Enriquez, Michael Joseph Melendres, Dexter Eric Tan, and Peter Julian Cayton 2014 2 64 PDF icon Full Text
Biosurveillance of Measles using Control Charts: A Case Study using National Capital Region Laboratory Confirmed Measles Counts from January 2009 to January 2014 Lorraine Christelle B. Angkico, Priscilla A. Diaz, Robert Neil F. Leong, and Frumencio F. Co 2014 2 64 PDF icon Full Text
An Efficient Variant of Dual to Ratio and Product Estimator in Sample Surveys Gajendra K. Vishwakarma, Raj K. Gangele, and Ravendra Singh 2014 2 64 PDF icon Full Text