The Philippine Statistician

Another important activity of the PSAI is the publication of The Philippine Statistician (TPS), which is a refereed scientific journal published twice a year. The TPS aims to disseminate a wide range of papers of technical, theoretical, and applied statistical nature considered of general or special interest to varied groups of statisticians.

Historical List of TPS Papers

Title Author Year Number Volume Download
Sampling with Probability Proportional to Aggregate Size using Nonparametric Bootstrap in Estimating Total Production Area of Top Cereals and Root Crops across Philippine Regions Maria Sofi a Criselda A. Poblador and Iris Ivy M. Gauran 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Sample Sizes to Compare Two Poisson Rates Edsel A. Peña 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Ranked Set Sampling Kevin Carl P. Santos 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
On the Misuse of Slovin’s Formula Jeffry J. Tejada and Joyce Raymond B. Punzalan 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Estimation of the Provincial Counts of Vitamin A Deficient Children Aged Six Months to Five Years in the Philippines Lara Paul D. Abitona and Zita VJ Albacea 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Econometric Modeling of Panel Data on the Saving Patterns of Philippine Agricultural Households Angelo M. Alberto and Lisa Grace S. Bersales 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Classification of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Newborn Screening using Self-Organizing Maps Iris Ivy M. Gauran and Maria Sofia Criselda A. Poblador 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Assessing Strength of Seasonality Through Sample Entropy: A Simulation Study John Carlo P. Daquis, Maria Lizeth M. Laus, and Nikki E. Supnet 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
A Multivariate Probit Analysis on the Factors Influencing the Adoption of Water Saving Technologies by Rice Farmers in Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija Daniel R. Raguindin and Eiffel A. de Vera 2012 1 61 PDF icon Full Text
Substance Use among Serious Adolescent Offenders Following Different Patterns of Antisocial Activity Michelle Besana and Edward P. Mulvey, Ph.D. 2011 60 PDF icon Full Text