Research Analyst and Statistician

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
A company in Dubai, with branches in other parts of the world, is looking for a Research Analyst and Statistician.
Interested parties may directly communicate to:
Mr. Ronald Uchil 
Gerab National Enterprises
The requirements for the position are listed below:
1. Job Title : Research Analyst – Statistician
2. Location : Philippines
3. Job Responsibilities :
  a. Statistical Model and Tools
  • Prepare analytical models that translate business problems and potential actions into decision processes as predictive modelling, optimization, distribution analysis, customer profiling.
  b. Research and Development
  • Carry out research relating to inventory on hand, international steel prices and  customer demand to ensure optimum and efficient stock sizing.
  • Analyse internal data on tender bids, proposals to provide insights into elements of win rate.
  c. Commodity Prices
  • Carry out research related to customer and supplier behavior, steel, iron ore, nickel, crude oil and energy prices in the international and regional markets in order to improve decision making related to inventory levels, pricing, and win rates.
  d. Statistical Analysis
  • Provide professional support in the operation and management of a modern and efficient statistical information system.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of statistical services to meet the information needs of the business and decision making.
  • Conduct regular analysis of the data in Gerab’s Oracle repository using appropriate statistical models and tools to provide business intelligence information in aid of decision making.
  • Data mining from available information on inventory, sales, receivables, payables, etc., and performing strategic data analysis in support of optimizing business operations.
  e. Data Organisation Tabulation
  • Assist the Company in organizing and directing the collection, processing, analysis and reporting of statistical data on various subject matter that are relevant to the business and decision making.
  • Document methodologies and procedures used in the compilation and analysis of data (to include information on data sources and limitations of stimates and guidelines for their use) and prepare the relevant manual of instructions.
  • Identify and assess data and their attributes with the end view of developing recommendations and processes to improve the overall quality of the data system.
  f. Quality Assurance
  • Establish a data quality assurance system that develops and maintains data processes & industry specific templates, adopting international classification standards where possible, in order to build data systems that easily feed into statistical and other types of analysis.
4. Job Responsiobility, Knowledge, and Experience:
  • Degree in Applied Statistics, a Post Graduate degree will be advantageous.
  • Minimum experience of 5-8 years in research and analytics
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Statistical Analysis and Applied Research. Should be adept at using statistical model and tools such as SAS/SPSS for data modelling
  • Analytical thinking and adept at Problem Solving and Decision Making
5. Salary
  • All inclusive salary of approximately 95,000/-Philippines Peso’s per month