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Zero-Truncated New Quasi Poisson-Lindley Distribution and its Applications

Year: 2017       Vol.: 66       No.: 2      

Authors: Rama Shanker and Kamlesh Kumar Shukla


A zero-truncated new quasi Poisson-Lindley distribution (ZTNQPLD), which includes zero-truncated Poisson-Lindley distribution (ZTPLD) as a particular case, has been studied. Its probability mass function has also been obtained by compounding size-biased Poisson distribution (SBPD) with an assumed continuous distribution. The rth factorial moment of ZTNQPLD have been derived and hence its raw moments and central moments have been presented. The expressions for coefficient of variation, skewness, kurtosis, and index of dispersion have been given and their nature and behavior have been studied graphically. The method of maximum likelihood estimation has been discussed for estimating the parameters of ZTNQPLD. Finally, the goodness of fit of ZTNQPLD has been discussed with some datasets and the fit has been found better as compared with zero truncated Poisson distribution (ZTPD) and zero- truncated Poisson- Lindley distribution (ZTPLD).

Keywords: Zero-truncated distribution, New quasi Poisson-Lindley distribution, compounding, moments, Maximum Likelihood estimation, Goodness of fit.


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