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Survival Analysis for Weaning Time of the Palestinian Children

Year: 2017       Vol.: 66       No.: 1      

Authors: Ali H. Abuzaid and Raida F. Zaqout


This study addresses the factors that have an effect on the weaning time of the Palestinian children based on the Palestinian family survey data in 2006. It was found that the Weibull parametric model is the most appropriate one to fit the data. The study showed that factors such as childís weight at birth, childís age, motherís age at delivery, and motherís educational status have significant effects on the weaning time. The findings also revealed that factors such as motherís refugee status, locality type, total live births, and motherís smoking status do not have any significant effect at 0.05 level of significance on the duration of breastfeeding.

Keywords: breastfeeding, censored, Cox proportional model, Wald statistic


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