PSAI-PSRTI Webinar on Demographic Trends

(Date posted: 04 February 2024 | Last updated: 27 February 2024)

The webinar on "Demographic Trends That Shape Our Future" will give insights on the shape of the Philippines’ future through the demographic lens of a population with more individuals of working age; a decreasing number of younger population; and, an increasing number of older persons.

This shape is a consequence of fewer children of women and, thus, slowing population growth. Demographic opportunities include: increasing life expectancy for both men and women, more women participating in the labor force, and more children in school.

However, challenges persist: population growth and fertility of women are highly variable across regions, the unmet need of some women to achieve their desired number of children is still prevalent, adolescent pregnancy though a small percentage of total pregnancy is high in certain areas, low proficiency of learners in 21st-century skills, stunting and wasting persist, women’s labor force participation rate is still much lower than that of men. Opportunities need to be sustained and challenges need to be addressed to secure the future Filipinos want.

Watch the Webinar at:

Download: Presentation of Undersecretary Lisa Grace Bersales (File size: 52MB)