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The Philippine Statistician (TPS) is a refereed scientific journal published twice a year. TPS aims to disseminate a wide range of papers of technical, theoretical, and applied statistical nature considered of general or special interest to varied groups of statisticians. It considers papers resulting from original research in statistics and its applications. Papers will be sent for review on the assumption that this has not been published elsewhere nor is submitted in another journal. The TPS journal does not require any publication fee. For more information about submission of manuscript, please read the TPS Guidelines for Authors.

The Philippine Statistician has been indexed in Scopus since 2015 with ISSN:2094-0343.

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1.Verification of Coffee Product Form and Determination of Conversion Rate From Coffee Dried Berries to Green Coffee Beans (GCB)Dennis S. Mapa, Ph.D., Divina Gracia L. Del Prado, Ph.D., Vivian R. Ilarina, Rachel C. Lacsa, Manuela S. Nalugon, Abella A. Regala, Marivic C. De Luna, and Ray Francis B. De Castro2022712
2.Determination of Dry Rubber Content of Rubber Cup LumpClaire Nova O. Abdulatip and Honey Fe G. Boje2022712
3.Topic Identification and Classification of GooglePlay Store ReviewsDaniel David M. Pamplona2022712
4.A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for COVID-19 Cases in Mindanao PhilippinesJejemae D. Nacion and Bernadette F. Tubo2022712
5.Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Correcting Reporting Delays in Dengue CountsMikee T. Demecillo and Bernadette F. Tubo2022712
6.Estimating the Magnitude of the Poor Households in Metro Manila Using the Poisson Regression ModelBernadette B. Balamban, Anna Jean C. Pascasio, Driesch Lucien R. Cortel and Maxine R. Ridulme2022712
7.Application of Consecutive Sampling Technique in a Clinical Survey for an Ordered Population: Does it Generate Accurate Statistics?Mohamad Adam Bujang, Tg Mohd Ikhwan Tg Abu Bakar Sidik, and Nadiah Sa'at2022711
8.On Some Efficient Classes of Estimators Based on Higher Order Moments of an Auxiliary AttributeShashi Bhushan and Anoop Kumar2022711
9.An Application of CATANOVA and Logistic Regression on the Most Prevalent Sexually Transmitted Infection (A Case Study of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital)Nnaemeka Martin Eze, Oluchukwu Chukwuemeka Asogwa, Samson Offorma Ugwu, Chinonso Michael Eze, Felix Obi Ohanuba, Tobias Ejiofor Ugah2022711
10.Analytic Hierarchy Process with Rasch Measurement in the Construction of a Composite Metric of Student Online Learning Readiness ScaleJoyce DL. Grajo, James Roldan S. Reyes1, Liza N. Comia, Lara Paul A. Ebal, Jared Jorim O. Mendoza, and Mara Sherlin DP. Talento2022711

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