The Philippine Statistician

The Philippine Statistician (TPS) is a refereed scientific journal published twice a year. TPS aims to disseminate a wide range of papers of technical, theoretical, and applied statistical nature considered of general or special interest to varied groups of statisticians.

The Philippine Statistician has been indexed in Scopus since 2015.

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No. Title of Article Authors Year Vol No PDF
1.Modelling the Right-Tail Conditional Expectation and Variance of Various Philippine Stocks Return using the Class of Beta Generalized Pareto DistributionAngelo E. Marasigan2021701
2.Development of an Alternative Municipal and City Level Competitiveness Index in the PhilippinesRamoncito G. Cambel and Zita VJ. Albacea2021701
3.Time Series Approach for Modelling the Merger and Acquisition Series: An Application to Indian Banking SystemVarun Agiwal and Jitendra Kumar2021701
4.Application of U–statistics in Estimation of Scale Parameter of Bilal DistributionR. Maya, M.R. Irshad, and S.P. Arun2021701
5.Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trial in the Presence of Non-Compliance: Comparison of Causal ModelsAli Reza Soltanian, Hassan Ahmadinia, and Ghodratollah Roshanaei2021701
6.An Improved Class of Estimators of Population Mean under Simple Random SamplingShashi Bhushan, Anoop Kumar, and Saurabh Singh and Sumit Kumar2021701
7.A Procedure for the Generation of Small Area Estimates of Philippine Poverty IncidenceNelda A. Nacion and Arturo Y. Pacificador2021701
8.Using Uncertainty and Sobol’ Sensitivity Analysis Techniques in the Evaluation of a Composite Provincial Level Food Security IndexChristian P. Umali and Felino P. Lansigan2020692
9.Investigation of Factors Contributing to Indigenous Language Decline in NigeriaN. A. Ikoba and E. T. Jolayemi2020692
10.Examining the Theoretical Assumption of a Six-fold Structure of Management Competency Sub-scales (MCS)Manuelito De Vera Bengo2020692

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