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Rejoicing in Excellence: PSAI's "Magsadya 2023: Barrio Fiesta" Celebrates Outstanding Contributions

(Date posted: 02 December 2023 | Last updated: 22 May 2024)

In a jubilant celebration on 01 December 2023 at the UPSS Auditorium, the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI) hosted its Annual Business Meeting and General Assembly under the theme "Magsadya 2023: PSAI Barrio Fiesta." This festive occasion, where "Magsadya" means rejoice, was a vibrant gathering honoring outstanding individuals and institutions that have significantly contributed to the field of Statistics. Setting the stage for an evening of recognition were the dynamic presenters, Mr. Luisito Asuncion, Chair of the PSAI Search and Awards Committee, and PSAI President Ms. Rosalinda Bautista.

PSAI Outstanding Service Award

In the spirit of rejoicing, the PSAI Outstanding Service Award was joyously bestowed upon Dr. Erniel Barrios. His remarkable tenure as a former Editor in Chief of The Philippine Statistician, resulting in accreditations from the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines, the Institute for Scientific Education in the US, and Scopus, was celebrated. Ms. Genelyn Ma. Sarte accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Barrios, who expressed his gratitude through a heartfelt video message, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

PSAI Pillars and Anchors - 70th Founding Anniversary Special Recognition

As PSAI celebrated its 70th founding anniversary on 24 September 2022 in the lively spirit of a Barrio Fiesta, special recognition, PSAI Pillars and Anchors, was extended to outstanding individuals and institutions across four categories.

Founding Members:

A festive tribute to the 19 visionary architects who laid the foundation of PSAI.

  1. William I. Abraham
  2. Manuel Ma. Aycardo
  3. Inocente Campos
  4. Amando Dalisay
  5. Meredith B. Givens
  6. Leon Ma. Gonzales
  7. Manuel O. Hizon
  8. Trinidad J. Jaramillo
  9. Horacio C. Lava
  10. Benito Legarda, Jr.
  11. Cesar M. Lorenzo
  12. Vicente Mills
  13. Damaceno Ramos
  14. Rosendo Regalado
  15. Federico Roa
  16. Ceferino Santiago
  17. Exequiel S. Sevilla
  18. Enrique T. Virata
  19. Angel Q. Yoingco

Presidents from 1952 to 2022:

Acknowledging the exemplary leadership and dedication that has been a source of rejoicing for the association.

Name of the President Year/s of Presidency
Cesar M. Lorenzo 1952-1955, 1961-1963, 1970-1972
Enrique T. Virata 1956
Exequiel S. Sevilla 1957
Manuel O. Hizon 1958-1959
Bernardino G. Bantegui 1960 Jan.-Aug.
Bernardino A. Perez 1960 Sept.-Dec.
Domingo C. Alonzo 1964
Tito A. Mijares 1965, 1974-1975, 1976
Cristina P. Parel 1966, 1969
Burton T. Onate 1967
Paz B. Culabutan 1968
Marcelo M. Orense 1973
Pablo Q. Samson 1977
Angeles R. Buenaventura 1978
Edgardo P. Zialcita 1979, 1980
Elpidio D. Makanas 1981
Aida R. Saldua 1982
Angel Q. Yoingco 1983-1984
Vicente B. Valdepenas, Jr. 1985-1986, 2010-2011
Isidoro P. David 1987, 2006-2007
Tomas P. Africa 1988-1989
Romulo A. Virola 1990-1991
Mercedes B. Suleik 1992
Nelia R. Marquez 1993-1995
Margarita F. Guerrero 1996-1997
Romeo S. Recide 1998, 2003
Ana Maria L. Tabunda 1999-2000
Carmelita N. Ericta 2001-2002
Jose Ramon G. Albert 2004-2005, 2014-2015
Nieves L. Osorio 2008-2009, 2012-2013
Dennis S. Mapa 2016-2017, 2020-2021
Lisa Grace S. Bersales 2018-2019
Rosalinda P. Bautista 2022-2023

The lively celebration was graced by the presence of two distinguished Presidents, Ms. Carmelita Ericta and Ms. Rosalinda Bautista.

Institutional Members:

Recognition was given to Geodata Systems Technologies Inc, Philippine Statistics Authority, and the Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute for their continuous support. Notably, the joyous occasion witnessed Geodata Systems Technologies Inc present to receive their token of appreciation.

Individual Members:

A special mention of Individual Members (Teresita Abad, Aurora Abaya, Ester Abitona, Caridad Barroga, Charissa Castillo, Francisca Dayrit, Estela De Guzman, Imelda De Mesa, Katrina Esclamad, Virginia Ganac, Lourdes Homecillo, Maura Lizarondo, Vilma Malumay, Roberto Mariano, Hector Morada, Marietta Morada, Dulce Regala, Gervacio Selda, Jr., Elsie Solidum, Amando Tetangco, Jr., Pedro Tordilla, Jr., Olivia Vital) was made, celebrating their continuous dedication and support with a spirit of rejoicing.

The gala welcomed individual awardees who joyously graced the stage to receive their well-deserved accolades: Ms. Charissa Castillo, Ms. Francisca Dayrit, Mr. Hector Morada, and Ms. Marietta Morada.

Congratulations to all the awardees! Their commitment and support have undeniably contributed to the vitality of PSAI, making them true pillars and anchors, bringing the spirit of a Barrio Fiesta to the statistical community.

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