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PSAI welcomes its new President (2024-2025)

(Date posted: 09 January 2024 | Last updated: 05 February 2024)

Dr. Josefina V. Almeda is the head and Executive Director III of the Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute (PSRTI) - In her role, she leads efforts to enhance the capabilities of government agencies engaged in data collection, processing, management, visualization, and analysis. Additionally, she oversees the statistical research of the agency, aligning it with the goals of the Philippine Development Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Under her leadership, the agency obtained ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification. Dr. Almeda played a pivotal role in the development and review of training modules on Gender Statistics in collaboration with UN Women and UNSIAP. She also contributed to the curriculum review of Economic Statistics with UNESCAP and served as a resource person in the Training of Trainers for Government Officials of Asia and the Pacific Countries under UNESCAP.

Before heading PSRTI, Dr. Almeda served as Associate Professor 5 at the UP School of Statistics Diliman, where she held various positions such as College Secretary and Director of the Undergraduate Studies program. She is a technical consultant for statistical projects for several international and local organizations. Professor Almeda is a recipient of numerous awards and grants from the Philippine Statistical Association, Fajardo Foundation, Department of Science and Technology, and the University of the Philippines. She received the “2009 President’s Award for Innovation in Teaching” for enriching learning through evidence-based instruction from the University of the Philippines. She has been involved in local and international fora and conferences in statistics where she was a paper presenter, discussant, and main facilitator.

With a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Research and Evaluation from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Dr. Almeda earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Statistics from the same university. She assumed the Directorship of the PSRTI in August 2017 and completed her initial term in June 2022. After reappointment in November 2022, she continues to lead PSRTI while seconded from the UP School of Statistics, Diliman.

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