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2019 PSAI Annual Conference: Call for Papers

(Date posted: 08 July 2019 | Last updated: 07 September 2019)

The 2019 PSAI Annual Conference

Emerging global data ecosystem and continuing changes in the data landscape highlight the role of the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI) as the professional association of statisticians in the Philippines. The PSAI recognizes the many new global and national aspirations and the emergence of new technology. The pressure on statistical systems to produce more granular data faster and in forms easily disseminated and understood by all is strongly felt now more than ever. The PSAI is challenged to look into the directions that must be pursued and to be an influencer in the changing data landscape. In 2018, the PSAI started discussions on how to move forward and a workshop was held to produce strategic document on future directions. The 2019 PSAI Annual Conference is designed under this environment.

On September 5-6, 2019, the Annual Conference shall discuss question of how to move forward and will engage the participants to contribute their thoughts on the role of the PSAI in the emerging data driven culture. The advent of big data and the growing need for data scientists with deep analytical skills highlight the vast potential of the Statistics profession and practitioners in the discipline. Thus, the role of statistical science in the present data driven culture, and the Statistics practitioners in effectively managing and analyzing big data cannot be understated. It is with this in mind that the PSAI is holding its Training Courses on 04 September 2019 and Annual Conference on 5-6 September 2019 at the Subic Bay Travelers Hotel, Subic, Zambales with the theme PSAI in the Changing Data Landscape.

The participants shall come from the private sector, government, academe and development partners at the national and local levels. There will be paper and poster presentationsas well as panel and market place discussions. The Conference shall also feature the Best Student Paper Competition, now on its 4th year, with the support of the Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute. This is open to all undergraduate students of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and winners in this competition will be accorded recognition by enabling them to present their winning research papers. They will be awarded cash gifts and Certificate of Recognition during the Closing Ceremonies.

The Annual Conference is conducted in partnership with the Philippine Statistics Authority, the Geodata Systems Technologies, and other Sponsors.

PSAI is now accepting paper abstracts for the Annual Conference

Members and friends of the PSAI and other practitioners in the Statistics profession and in fields allied to Statistics are invited to submit Executive Summaries of contributed papers under the said theme for oral presentation in the Annual Conference.

There will be sharing of experiences at the international, national and local levels. Discussions will help raise awareness and appreciation for the tools and techniques in accessing various data sources, which may include but may not be limited to data harvesting, data mining, web crawling, web scraping and other emerging technology. Paper and poster presentations as well as market place discussions will help bring about knowledge-based, informed decisions that will highlight the critical role of the science of Statistics in the ongoing data revolution. This will help craft recommendations that will make the PSAI an effective influencer in the changing data landscape.

Deadline for submission of Executive Summary is on 20 July 2019.

Paper authors interested to present scientific papers in line with the theme are invited to submit the accomplished form together with the Executive Summary to:

Dr. Erniel B. Barrios, UP School of Statistics
Chair, Sub-Committee on Scientific Program
PSAI Annual Conference 2019
Under subject: Attention Sub-Committee on Scientific Program

Participating papers with multiple authors must clearly indicate the author with whom the organizers should exchange correspondence. The executive summary should highlight the objectives, methodology and result of the study. It must be written in English in MS Word Times New Roman 12 format, typed single-spaced on A4 paper size with 1 inch margin on all sides and must not be more than 3 pages. [Download the form.]

The Sub-Committee on Scientific Program, in consultation with the PSAI Annual Conference Committee, will screen applications for paper presentation based on the submitted executive summaries. Executive summaries will be evaluated and authors of the accepted papers for presentation shall be informed by 31 July 2019. Authors of selected papers for presentation shall submit the full paper by email not later than 8 August 2019. Final manuscripts must not exceed 5,000 words, English, single space in A4-sized pages using 12-point Times New Roman font in MS-Word format. Additional instructions will be given to the authors of selected papers. The final manuscripts must be submitted to the Chair of the Sub-Committee on Scientific Program and to the PSAI Secretariat.

All papers accepted and received by the Committee and the Secretariat on or before 15 August 2019 will be included in the PSAI Annual Conference 2019 e-compilation of papers.

Training Courses and Conference Fees

As noted in Bulletin No. 1, the Conference highlights the following four (4) parallel short training courses to be conducted on 04 September 2019:

  1. Spatial Statistics Using ArcGIS and R
  2. Elements of Questionnaire Design
  3. Internet-Based Data Collection: Fundamentals of Webscraping
  4. Developing Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) applications using CSPro

Registration/Conference Fees

The registration fee for the three-day event is four thousand and four hundred pesos (Php 4,400.00). This will cover meals, (snacks and lunch), conference kit and other materials. Training participants are enjoined to bring their laptop computers.

Options to avail the discount: A discounted rate of four thousand Pesos (Php 4,000.00) will be given to PSAI individual members, employees of PSAI Institutional members, students and early-bird registrants who register not later than 25 July 2019. For papers with multiple authors, only one shall be exempted from payment of registration fee.

Student Paper Session

Students may submit their manuscripts for the Best Student Paper and accomplished registration form not later than 23 July 2019. Final manuscripts must not exceed 5,000 words, English, single space in A4-sized pages using 11-point Arial font in MS-Word format. Selected papers shall be presented before the Panel of Judges on 15 August 2019. Authors of chosen finalist papers for presentation shall be notified not later than 20 August 2019. Finalists will be notified accordingly, and presenters will be given modest travel allowance and hotel accommodation to attend the conference and to present the paper. Winners of the Best Student Paper Award will be announced during the conference and cash prizes await best papers. Failure to present during the Conference will mean forfeiture of the award and refund in full of all travel expenses and hotel accommodations that may be incurred incidental to the conferment of the Award. [Download the form.]

Gawad Estadistika Award

Gawad Estadistika is a new award launched in 2017 envisioned to be given annually in recognition of an individual or group/institution that made the most significant contribution towards the development and intensified use of statistics in line with the PSAI’s mission and vision.

Deadline for submission of nomination form is on 30 June 2019. To download the form, please visit the PSAI Website at

Other Announcements

List of accepted papers, registration form, transport advisories, list of hotels, tourist destinations and tourism services providers that may be considered by the participants are included in Bulletin No. 3.

PSAI Secretariat
c/o Ms. Teresita G. Abad
Phone: +632 920-6513, +632 456-1928

UP School of Statistics
c/o Dr. Erniel B. Barrios
Phone: +632 981-8500 loc 3503

Download the following documents:

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