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Nonparametric Test of Interaction Effect for 22-Factorial Design with Unequal Replicates: Case of Poisson-Normal Multivariate Data

Year: 2019       Vol.: 68       No.: 2      

Authors: Mara Sherlin D. Talento, Marcus Jude P. San Pedro and Erniel B. Barrios


Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) is fairly robust to the normality and constant variance assumptions provided that the data is generated from a balanced design. Issues with hypothesistesting arises when error-distribution is non-normal or when the data is generated from an unbalanced design. We propose a nonparametric method of testing interaction effect of the twofactor factorial design with multivariate response and possibly highly unbalanced replicates. Simulation studies indicated that the test is correctly-sized and increasing power with increasing effect-size, and increasing sample size. The parametric test based on MANOVA is incorrectl

Keywords: two-factor factorial design, unbalanced replicates, nonparametric, multivariate data, Poisson and Normal data


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