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Proceedings of the Focused Group Discussion on Accreditation/Certification for Professional Statisticians

Year: 2014       Vol.: 63       No.: 1      

Authors: PSAI Initiatives



The Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI) is a professional association dedicated to the promotion of Statistics as a science and a discipline. As such, it recognizes the need to pursue the development of the discipline and the continuing professional growth of its practitioners in the academe, the government and private sectors, and in the international community.

In 2008, the PSAI through the Institutional Development Committee (IDC) chaired by Mr. Tomas P. Africa, then Vice President and Chair of the IDC pursued the crafting and ratification of the Code of Ethics for Statisticians, and notes in the Foreword that:

"It has been an aspiration of the Philippine Statistical Association (PSA) to institute a system of accreditation or certification for Statistics professionals, similar to those existing in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. On at least two fronts, the label 'statistician' may have been misused and misappropriated by unscrupulous professionals.

The accreditation stage will deal with what would be the qualifications: education, work experience, research record as well as the behavior or ethical standards of the statistics practitioner. This Code addresses the latter. The necessary academic background, and work experience needed to bring about the conduct and/or behavior of such professionals may be deduced from this Code."

With the Code of Ethics for Statisticians firmly in place, the stage is set for the accreditation process. Under the same stewardship, Mr. Africa as Vice President and Chair of the Institutional Development Committee (2012-2013), concerned professionals were gathered to undertake the Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and to put into motion the work envisioned to initiate the development of a system for eventual accreditation and professional certification of practitioners in the statistics profession.



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